Using the All-In-One Messaging Platform

Previously, if an employer started a conversation over text that evolved into an email chain, there would be no way to see a full overview of the conversation. With our all-in-one platform, both text messages and emails will appear in the messages tab. Everyone on your team will be able to view and respond to any conversation, giving you extra capacity and avoiding confusion. the new messages tab will make it clear to everyone which emails and texts haven't been read yet and need attention.

Messages Tab Layout

Messages are split up into two different categories: Unread, and All Messages. Unread messages cover all correspondence that's waiting for a response from you. All Messages makes it easy to view all the work the rest of your team has done. Keeping up on unread messages will keep applicants engaged and help you get people in the door.

On the messages tab, you'll see a layout similar to that on your phone. However, instead of just a "send" button, you can choose what medium to send your note through - email or text. When you send the message it goes straight to the candidate, coming from a stand-in email or the job's phone number that Team Engine provides. 

When an applicant has opted out of text or is unreachable through text for any reason, our centralized emails will become your best friend. If texting doesn't work switch to email to make sure every candidate hears back from you. We'll always notify you when they reply.

Understanding The Activity Feed

The activity feed in the messages tab records a myriad of types of actions taken by users on your account. In addition to the content of every email and text, the activity feed will let you know when:

  • A candidate applies
  • A user changes the status of an applicant
  • A user calls a candidate

Recommended Messages

Additionally, based on the stage the customer is in, you'll see a pre-written set of messages below that you can quickly choose to start with by clicking the Use button. 

Each message can be customized to fit the job you are hiring for. If you have specific questions you ask consistently, you can add them as a saved message to reduce the time you spend responding to candidates.

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