How to Take Advantage of the In Progress Tab

In Progress Tab Layout

As applications come in, it can get difficult to operate based on memory alone. Remembering who has an interview scheduled and who needs to finish a pre-employment background check can be difficult for the best of us. With the In Progress tab, you will be able to see just where everyone is in the process, and what next steps are in order.

Once you are in the In Progress tab, you will see the hiring process broken down into steps:

  • Interested: After you have screened a candidate and marked them as someone you are interested in, they move here. 
  • Phone Interviewing: Phone interviews are an option step and can be toggled on or off within the "Company Settings" tab. Applicants who you're interested in can be moved to phone interviewing or straight to an in-person interview.
  • Interviewing: Any candidate that has confirmed an interview and that you have scheduled through Team Engine will move here. 
  • The final two steps cover aspects of the hiring process that need to be completed before someone can join your team:
    • Finalizing Hire: Any jobs that require pre-employment actions like a background check or drug test will have candidates in the finalizing hire step. 
    • Awaiting Start: Once a candidate has finished everything they need to start the job, they end up in the awaiting Start location until their start date, which is when they'll automatically be moved into your employee directory.

Additionally, once you have set up an interview, Team Engine takes the stress out of scheduling by maintaining an ongoing calendar for each scheduled interview and start date. You can find this on the right side of the screen in the In Progress Tab

Saving Applicants

There are many reasons to "save" an applicant. Maybe they're a great fit, but the job has been filled. Whatever the reason may be, saving applicants allows you to curate your own applicant pool to refer to when you are looking to hire again. To save an applicant, just click on the save button. 

You can save an applicant at any stage in the hiring process by clicking "Other" and then selecting "Save." After you save an applicant you will be prompted to send them a message alerting them of their status change. This is an automated message that can be turned on or off or edited in the hiring process tab. When the message pops up you can cancel or edit that specific message in that box. You also have the option to add in the reason for saving the applicant, as well as a reach back out date so you can be reminded to get back in touch with applicants. 

All saved applicants can be found within the "Saved" tab. Additionally, all rejected and archived applicants can be found in the section directly next to "Saved."

Hiring Workflow and Best Practices

The organization provided by the In Progress tab will be invaluable if used correctly. Aspects of the hiring process take longer than others, so being able to understand where to put your capacity is vital. 

If you had a workflow like this, where would you focus your efforts? 

Typically pre-employment steps cost more and take longer to complete than setting up interviews or screening candidates. As such, you can focus your energy first on future employees. By selecting Finalizing Hire, you can view all the incoming employees that are on that step. 

When you click on their name it will open up their specific application page, where you can see what they need to do before they start. You can easily track applicants' progress to make sure they are ready for their first day.

Every other aspect of the pipeline works the same way. 

  • Interested: any applicant that has been screened and marked as interested will automatically move here
  • Interviewing: once an interview has been scheduled, the candidate will move into the next section. They will stay there until the outcome of the interview is put in. If they are rejected, they will move out of the workflow and into the rejected pile.
  • If they move on, they end up in Finalizing Hire. Here applicants will stay until they have worked through all of the pre-employment steps, such as a background check or drug test
  • Finally, once all pre-employment steps are done, the new hire will stay in Awaiting Start until their first day.
  • *If you accidentally click "Started" on an applicant prematurely, you can move them back to awaiting start by navigating to their profile in your employee directory. Then select the three dots in the top right corner and click "Move back to hiring." 

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