How to Add a Job

You can add as many jobs as you want within Team Engine. These jobs will help you find applicants, communicate with them, organize the hiring process, etc.

To get started, click the "Add New Job" button from the Jobs tab:


The role is used when you choose to take advantage of Social Media advertising. Team Engine uses applicant response information from other jobs in similar areas and similar roles to target your ads and get you the best response possible. If there isn't a perfect fit for your job, that's okay. Just select the closest one you can find.

Application Language

You can set the application experience to English or Spanish for all applicants. 

Hiring Manager

You can select the primary user who is responsible for this job. They will be signed up for all notifications automatically.

Job Location

The Job location is used for targeting your job to applicants - Team Engine will distribute your job to job boards and other sources targeting this area. It will also purchase a local phone number for use in texting or calling applicants through the software.

Office Location

The optional office location is used for:

  • Determining how close an applicant lives to the job
  • Providing directions to applicants as they get to the Interviewing stage. You can include this address in automated emails or texts related to the interview



Team Engine uses this compensation information to flag applicants who have unreasonable pay expectations and it can also be shown to applicants considering applying for your job. We encourage you to make pay information visible to applicants. With all of the job choices that applicants have, they are more likely to invest their time and apply to a job if they know that the pay meets or exceeds their expectations.


Once you have your job description entered into the job description field, you can use our "Suggest Improvements" feature to generate potential improvements to your description using AI.

Summary & Tagline

The summary and tagline are used primarily when advertising on Social Media. They provide a brief and catchy way to get an applicant's attention and encourage them to apply. Team Engine helps you generate this summary and tagline, but you can always edit these at the end to be exactly what you want.

The job image is primarily used when generating Social Media ads if you choose to take advantage of that. Team Engine provides a default option based on the job role that you selected, but you can add your own image or use one from another job. The best job images often show people performing the job and frequently come from your company website.

Setting up relevant experience helps Team Engine filter unqualified applicants so you don't have to waste time reviewing people that are a bad fit. If you mark a specific experience as "Required", you will only see applicants to review if they meet this requirement. For any relevant experience that is not required, Team Engine will use these to score and sort applicants for you to review. Someone with more experience in a relevant area will score higher.

IMPORTANT: Relevant experience should be something where applicants can measure their level of experience in years and not a yes or no item - avoid things like "High School Diploma" here. 

Relevant Licenses / Certifications

Licenses and Certifications are yes or no items. These might include things like:

  • CDL A
  • Passenger Endorsement
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Arborist Certification

To add a license fill out the name of the license in the "New License" line and then click add. If you mark this license required, anyone who does not state that they have this will be auto-screened and will not show up in your "Needs Review" tab. When the applicant applies they will see a question asking them to select any of the following licenses they have and they can click a drop down and check any that apply. 

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