Organize Your Employees With Groups

Employee Groups are a great way to break your workforce up into smaller pieces, making communication even more efficient. Once you've sorted your employees into their respective groups you can specific announcements and surveys to them. Some examples we commonly see are:

  • Shifts - if you have multiple shifts throughout the day, information and questions may be more relevant only to the people currently working or maybe you need to send instructions or a warning to the shift about to start
  • Functions - your office staff may not need to know about an issue in the warehouse, this way you only send messages to the employees who are impacted
  • Locations - things like weather, hours, shipments, schedules, etc. can vary a lot between different locations so it's important to know who to send that information to

There are two ways to manage groups. From the employee directory, you can find someone and click the "Add To Group" button next to their name. From there you can either add them to an existing group or create a new one. An employee can belong to multiple groups and there's no limit to how organized you can be!

The second method is by clicking the "Manage Groups" button on the directory. From this page, you can edit the group name and even delete a group if necessary. You can also quickly add employees to their respective groups.

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