Connecting Team Engine to Your Company's Indeed Account

Connecting Team Engine to Your Company's Indeed Account

Indeed is the largest job board in the world and a major source of applications for all kinds of jobs. Team Engine does a lot of the work for you of automatically posting your jobs on Indeed, customizing the application to your requirements, and refreshing them as appropriate to provide you with good job visibility.

Connecting your Team Engine account to your Indeed account allows you to see your jobs directly within Indeed and choose to sponsor them if necessary during times where you may need increased application flow. 

How to set up the connection

Check that your Indeed email address is set up in Team Engine on your company settings page

You will then need to "claim" your jobs from Indeed:

  1. Call 1-800-475-4361 (Mon-Fri, 8 am to 8 pm)
  2. They'll ask you for the email associated with the account, and your billing zip code, to confirm that you're the account owner.
  3. You'll want to ask the following: "I want the jobs from Team Engine feed connected to my Indeed account so I can sponsor them". 

From there, the support representative should know exactly how to handle it. After you get off the call, you should be able to go to your `Job Dashboard` view and see your jobs. You'll do this within Indeed by going to the `Analytics → Jobs → Job Dashboard` page.

It looks like this:

From there, you should be able to sponsor the jobs.

Sponsoring on Indeed is handled through Indeed, completely separate from Team Engine, and you can find more information here: and here Creating a campaign is what sponsoring a job is called when that job comes from Team Engine. 

You select the job on the right side that you want to sponsor and then set the budget and timeframe on the left side.

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