Post Signs and get Applicants from Offline

Text to Apply

Whether it’s a person walking into your office to apply, or a high-traffic area that attracts people who may be a good fit for your job (your building, a popular local lunch place), all of these applicants can flow into Team Engine. This can be a very good use of our “text-to-apply” feature where anyone can simply text the word “apply” directly to your employee phone number and get a list of all jobs that you are hiring for. 

Your dedicated employee phone number that you can use for this is located in the Directory. All applicants have to do to see all available jobs and get a mobile-friendly job application is text "Apply" to that general employee number.

QR Codes

Team Engine now supports QR codes that you can advertise to offline applicants. These codes can be scanned with the camera of a smartphone and will immediately pull up the application for the job that is associated with the Code.

You can find the QR code for a specific job by clicking on the "Manage Sources" button on a job in the dashboard. 

Then just click the "Generate QR Code" button and you can download the QR code to put on a flyer or just print it out to share in public places.

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