Post to Other Online Sources

There may be online sources that work well for your jobs that Team Engine doesn’t push to automatically. These may be major sites like Craigslist or LinkedIn or more local sources like technical schools or local job boards. Team Engine makes it easy to not only send these applicants through one common application and into the software but can also keep track of the source of these applicants, so you can prioritize the sources that work best for you.

To post to an online source that Team Engine doesn’t do automatically, first click “Manage Applicant Sources” for the relevant job. Choose the specific source you plan to use. If it’s not one we include in the list automatically, you can create a custom source.Then click the orange “Generate Link” button. This will give you a link to the application for the job which will also track where the person came from. You will then copy this link and include it in the post you create on the given source (e.g. Craigslist).


  1. Click on the "Manage Applicant sources" button next to the job you'd like to advertise on a specific platform
  2. Select the platform or click on "Create a custom source" and type in the platform name
  3. Click on "Generate Link"
  4. Log into the platform you wish to post to and create the job posting
  5. Copy and paste the link you generated in Team Engine
    1. Some platforms have a specific field for this type of link
    2. For platforms that do not have this field, you should copy/paste the link in the job description with a note similar to "Click here to apply"
  6. Finish posting the job. Now all applicants who apply from this platform will filter into Team Engine.

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