Advertise on Social Media

Team Engine provides a unique service for generating more views and applicants for your job. We can generate attractive, targeted ads that show up on Facebook feeds or Instagram, similar to advertising a product or service.

Creating the ads

Team Engine will automatically create your ad based on your job setup. Your ad will use the image, location, and tagline / short description you set up with your job. Team Engine generates these ads based on experience and best practices of what receives the best response from potential applicants.

Ad targeting

Team Engine uses data from similar jobs in similar locations to learn what type of person might be a good fit for your job and is likely to respond to your ad. Your ad will automatically be targeted toward this group of likely responders in the area immediately around your job location.

The ad will appear on Facebook News Feeds and Instagram feeds for this set of people. These target passive applicants - a set of people who may not be actively searching for a new job, but are open to the right opportunity. The idea is that you might catch someone after a long day who is thinking about how they aren’t getting enough hours, or their manager isn’t very good, and your ad goes by in their news feed and they decide to apply.

Running social media ads

To run an ad on Facebook and Instagram for one of your jobs, click on the “Manage Sources” button for the specific job on your dashboard.

Click the "Advertising Budget" drop down box and select the budget you would like, and then click the "Start" button. This will start a campaign that will run until you click "stop" to end it and will charge you weekly for the amount selected. You can end the campaign anytime, just click the "Manage Sources" button again and then click "stop" next to the campaign.

Ad Budgets

Social media ad budgets are per week and will include your entire budget amount and it will keep running until you end it. So if you set your advertising budget for $50, all $50 will be spent over that week. Once a campaign is started the add will have to run for at least a week, meaning if you start a campaign with a $50 budget, the ad will run for a week and your payment method will be charged for the $50, even if you end the campaign after a few days. 

Understanding ad performance

It is important to understand what you’re getting for your ad spend. Team Engine generally tracks this as your “Cost Per Applicant” through social media ads. This is the amount we expect you to spend to get one applicant. This varies significantly based on the type of job and location. Once the week is complete, we will show you the current cost per applicant in the "Get More Applicants" area for that job.

You can also see the source of an applicant below their name.

How is this different from posting my jobs on my company Facebook page?

When you post a job on your company Facebook page, it will only be seen by your company network - people who follow your page or are connected with your company in some way. Targeted ads are proactively sent out to people who have no direct connection to your company, but might be a good fit for your job. This dramatically expands the audience that will see your job.

What is the benefit of running these social media ads in Team Engine?

Our goal is for you to get the people you need when you need them and do so in the most efficient way possible. Social media ads are a valuable and unique tool for certain jobs in certain locations, but they are not always the best choice. If your money would be better spend on Indeed sponsorship, Craigslist, or a different source, we want you to know that quickly and with a minimal investment. In short: we only want you to spend when it makes sense

Simple - When you set ad spend for your job, we will turn your ads on for a week and spend your whole amount. This allows you to start relatively small and see if it’s worth it and then commit more if you’d like later on, but only if it makes sense. 

Effective - Social media ads actually perform better at higher daily spend amounts. When you run a social media ad for your job, you need applicants. We can typically get you more for your money and make it more aligned with your goals by spending it over a shorter period of time.

Transparent - It is too difficult today to understand what you’re getting for your money. You will now get a summary email at the end of the week and be able to see the progress of it right in the software.

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