How to Create a New User

Creating and Updating Users

You can create a user by either using the “Account” link in the top right or through your Employee Directory.

Using your directory, you can grant Team Engine access to an employee within their profile.

Click “Grant Access” and you will be prompted to add an email address to use as their username if they don’t have one in their profile.


Team Engine supports multiple different levels of permission for users.

Account Admin

Team Engine will set up account admins for you when you first subscribe. If you need to change your account admins, please contact

An Account Admin has full permissions and access to everything. Account admins are the only users who can:

  • Add and disable other users
  • Edit the payment method
  • Set ad spend for social media

They will also receive some notifications by default, including summaries of social media ad spend effectiveness and incoming referrals from employees.

Hiring Access

A user who has hiring access can see and interact with all jobs and applicants. This includes:

  • Posting New Jobs
  • Turning jobs on and off
  • Viewing applications
  • Messaging with applicants
  • Moving applicants through the hiring process

Employee Access

You can choose to give users no access to employee information, full access, or just access to their direct reports.

Full Access

Users can manage employees including adding and terminating them, message back and forth, send announcements or surveys, and update automated messages.

Just Direct Reports

When a user has access only to their direct reports, they will be able to see and message anyone where they are marked as the supervisor.

When a user is marked as “only direct reports” there are a few restrictions:

  • They cannot create new employee groups
  • They cannot send surveys, but they can see the survey results for their direct reports
  • They can send announcements, but they will only go out to employees in their selected group that are also their direct report

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give someone permission to a specific job or location?

Team Engine does not currently support permissions for a specific job or location.

Does setting the Hiring Manager for a job impact their permissions?

Someone who is a hiring manager for a job can change their view to show only their jobs, but they will still have access to all jobs.

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