Adding Team Engine Jobs to Your Website

To add Team Engine jobs to your company’s website, you must place a provided code snippet in your website’s HTML code. You will need access and be able to edit your website code, so you may need to get your IT support, web administrator, or web host involved.

First, you will find the Set Up link on your dashboard in the Get The Most Out Of Team Engine checklist.

This will bring up a new window that provides your code snippets as well as a preview of your job table. You will need to copy and paste the snippet you would like into your website’s code. Use the Click here to copy link to quickly add the entire snippet to your clipboard. The first snippet listed will be for only the organization you are currently working in, the second one will create a job table that includes jobs from all organizations in your account.

Once added to your website, the code snippet creates a dynamic job table that will match your website’s styling and automatically update with changes from your Team Engine dashboard. The job table lists each active job title and its location. When someone clicks a particular job, it brings them to an apply now page hosted by Team Engine. After the candidate applies, it will tag Career Page as the applicant source in the software.

If you click Don't Connect it will mark the checklist item as complete. You can find the information again to add to your website by going to the Company Settings tab.

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