Common Issues with Jobs Not Posting on Indeed

Here is a list of common issues the keep your job from posting on Indeed. Please review your job ad for any of these issues. If you feel your job does not fit any of these criteria, reach out to our support so that we can further assist.

Duplicate Job Posting

Indeed does not allow duplicate job postings including posting directly on Indeed and in Team Engine.

Bonus Amount in Job Title

Indeed does not allow a sign-on bonus amount to be listed in the Job Title. Instead, the bonus amount should be noted in the job description.

Location Blasting

“Location blasting” occurs when an employer posts the same role outside of the primary location where the job seeker will work.
Here are some different scenarios that Indeed considers location blasting:
  • Multi-location blasting: A tech company located in Seattle, WA needs a software developer to work on-site at their office. They post the software developer position in Seattle but post copies of the job in Atlanta, GA, and Austin, TX to advertise to developers there as well.
  • Single-location blasting: A start-up in San Jose, CA posts a copy of their job in San Francisco, CA because it’s common for employees to commute between the cities. 

Low-Quality Job Titles & Descriptions

Job titles that contain extra information, clickbait, or symbols are not allowed. Indeed does not allow job descriptions that do not contain relevant details about the role or are unclear.
Avoid including spam-like content such as using all capital letters, unnecessary punctuation such as “!!!,” or abbreviated language such as “plz,” “ez,” “need2be” in your job title and job description.

Keyword Spamming

Keywords are not allowed to be added to a job description - such as a line like “Related keywords: cleaning, housekeeping.”

Unpaid Roles / Unpaid Internships

Indeed does not allow job ads for unpaid roles without paying to sponsor that ad.

Recruitment/Staffing Agencies

All recruitment-based companies or entities in the United States and Canada are required to sponsor their jobs in order to receive visibility.

Requiring a Clean Driving Record in the Job Description

Indeed has now implemented a new policy that will flag jobs for requiring a clean driving record. 

This just cannot be included with the job on indeed. Once you get that applicant into the hiring process, you can ask for their driving record.

Requiring a Background Check in the Job Description

Indeed will now also flag jobs that require a Background Check in the job description. 

Just like the Driving Record, you can require this after applicants are into the hiring process, you just cannot put it in the Indeed job description.

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