The Schedule on the Dashboard

Our calendar schedule is getting big improvements starting now. You can now cycle days forward or backward in time, infinitely. You can filter your view to just the items you are interested in. You can see all notifications being sent out or ones that are disabled too or toggle them off completely.

Cycling Days on the Schedule

The schedule is no longer fixed in time. You can cycle forward or backward in time as much as you want with the navigation arrows < >. You can always click Today to get back to your current and upcoming view as well.

Using Filters

The schedule now has filtering options so you can get the information you need and filter out the rest. The choices are Interviews, New Employee Starts, Automated Communication, and Birthdays. These filter choices are saved too so even if you log out, it will remain the same when you log back in.

Automated Communication

All types of automated messages now show in the schedule too. This includes disabled messages as well. If you click on an automated message, it will bring you to the Automation tab of the software where you can choose to edit or turn them on or off. You also have a button to only show active events if you don't want to see disabled messages.

You can also access this information in a Month view. Click on View Monthly Schedule at the top right of the Schedule on the Dashboard or use the Calendar tab on the left.

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