Craigslist Ads

Posting an ad on Craigslist can be a helpful way to increase your applicant flow for certain jobs. Although Team Engine does not automatically push your active jobs to Craigslist, you can still post your jobs there and have applicants go straight into Team Engine. If you have any questions, please contact

Viewing Craigslist Applicants in Team Engine

As applicants use that unique link inside of the Craigslist ad, they will go through the standard Team Engine application process. Once complete, their application will appear in Team Engine with the Source as Craigslist.

Starting a Craigslist Campaign

First, click the "Manage Applicant Sources" button next to the job you'd like the ad posted for. Then, select the orange "Start" button below the Craigslist section. This will send us a request for a Craigslist ad, once the ad is created it will be reposted weekly until you end the campaign. However if you would like to only post once, you can click "stop" immediately after you send it, we will get the request to post it but it won't be automatically reposted after that. One post will last for a month, although they are by far the most productive in the first week, as it gets pushed farther down the list as time goes on. This is why we have the default set to repost weekly. 

You will then be prompted to confirm the price, $50 a week. Once your request has been successfully submitted, your Craigslist ad will become active within 1 business day (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm EST). Once the ad is running, you'll see a purple Craigslist button next to job on your main dashboard. Clicking this button will give you insights into how the listing is performing.

Whenever you would like to end the campaign you can click on the "manage applicant sources" button again and click "stop".

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs have the most success on Craigslist?

We find that many hourly jobs work fairly well on Craigslist and the measure you should be paying attention to is the “Cost Per Applicant”. While a single Craigslist post may not generate a huge number of applicants, if you can get 5 or 6 applicants for a $50 post, that $9-$10 Cost Per Applicant may be good compared to other options such as sponsoring on Indeed.

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