Requesting Specific Area Codes

If you would like to change the phone numbers assigned to your account to phone numbers with specific area codes you can do this in your account settings.

Before you request a new number however, something to be aware of is that changing your number will erase your message history with applicants as well as employees. The new numbers will create new message threads that will replace the existing ones. This is just something to be aware of in case you need to save any messages before requesting the new numbers.

To request the new numbers, click on the button in the upper right corner with the three gray lines and then click "account". Then you will need to click the "organizations" tab in the navigation bar to the left. There, next to each organizations name, if you have multiple there will be a gray button that says "request new area code".

Then a window will pop up that shows your current phone numbers and at the bottom there will be a field where you can type in your desired phone number, if that area code is available a green checkmark will appear and you can then click "save" to submit the request.

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