Hiring Notifications

There are multiple types of notifications for each job in Team Engine. These notifications help you keep up with what is happening with your jobs and the messages coming in from applicants without having to constantly be in the software.

Setting Up Notifications

You can modify notifications for a job by clicking on the "Hiring Process" tab on the left and then the "Notifications" tab at the top of that page. Click the orange button in the top right to edit your settings.

Applicant Forwarding Phone Number

The applicant forwarding number is used for forwarding calls from applicants who try calling the phone number that the automated messages are sent from. To add a forwarding phone number go to your Company Settings. Many customers choose to forward calls to a central office number. Call forwarding is completely optional, and if not set up, the applicant will receive a friendly message if they call asking them to send a text instead.

You can also set up forwarding numbers for each job. Many companies like to have different forwarding numbers for each job if they have designated hiring managers for different jobs. In order to add these numbers, just click on one of your jobs, select "Hiring Process" from the left navigation bar, and then click "Notifications" at the top. The first box labeled "Contact Information" is where you can enter a job-specific forwarding number for incoming calls.

Email Notifications

Daily Job Summary

This email goes out every morning for your jobs and lists the number of to-do's that you have for those jobs. If you don't have any to-do's, the email won't go out.

Week in Review 

This email provides high-level reporting on what happened with your jobs over the past week, as well as any upcoming interviews and/or new hires you have the following week. 

Because the best candidates switch jobs quickly, it's important to move applicants through the process quickly and to stay in touch with them. Week in Review emails are sent out on Fridays at 12 pm EST. 

Incoming Text Messages

Additionally, when a text message comes in from an applicant, you can receive an email letting you know so that you get back to them as soon as possible. 

Applicant Sharing

Team Engine will automatically send you an email notification when a new, qualified candidate applies. You can change these settings here as well:

Meets Requirements: Team Engine will send you an email any time an applicant meets all of your requirements for the job.

Best Applicants: Team Engine will send you an email about applicants that look like an excellent fit for your job based on their relevant work history, tenure in recent jobs, etc.

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