Hiring Notifications

There are three types of notifications for each job in Team Engine. These email notifications help you keep up with what is happening with your jobs and the messages coming in without having to constantly be in the software.

Setting Up Notifications

You can modify notifications for a job by clicking on the "Hiring Process" tab on the left and then the "Notifications" tab at the top of that page. Click the orange button in the top right to edit your settings.

Contact Information

The contact information is used for setting up the forwarding of calls and texts. Each job has its own dedicated phone number for communicating with applicants. While you will always see texts in the software and can receive incoming text notifications in email, you can also set up forwarding. We specifically recommend this for phone calls. Many customers choose to forward calls to a central office number. If you do not set up call forwarding, the applicant will receive a friendly message if they call asking them to send a text instead.

Email Notifications

Daily Job Summary

This email goes out every morning for your jobs and lists the number of to-do's that you have for those jobs. If you don't have any to-do's, the email won't go out.

Weekly Executive Summary

This email provides high-level reporting on what happened with your jobs over the past week. The key numbers to focus on are the number of outstanding to-do's (to understand if people are moving through the process), the number of thumbs-up'ed applicants (to get a sense of whether enough candidates are coming in the door each week), and interviews and hires. 

From a best practice standpoint, we strongly recommend focusing on Time to Review. Because the best candidates switch jobs quickly, it's important to move applicants through the process quickly and to stay in touch with them. 

Incoming Text Messages

Additionally, when a text message comes in, you can receive an email letting you know so that you get back to someone as soon as possible. You can also set up text notifications to send to your phone. 

Applicant Sharing

Team Engine will automatically send you an email notification when a new applicant crosses a certain level of quality. You can change these settings here as well:

Meets Requirements: Team Engine will send you an email any time an applicant meets all of your requirements for the job.

Good Applicants: Team Engine will send you an email about an applicant if they look good based on their relevant work history, tenure in recent jobs, etc.

Best Applicants: Team Engine will send you an email about applicants that look like an excellent fit for your job based on their relevant work history, tenure in recent jobs, etc.

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