Set Up Your Employee Directory

The first step to taking advantage of all Team Engine's valuable communication features is to set up your employee directory. We currently have three different ways to get your employees and their contact information into our system. 

1. Upload an employee list

If you visit the "Directory" tab in the left side menu, you'll see a button on that page that says "Upload A List." 

Clicking that will bring up a window with instructions on how to import your employee list. We tell you what information is required and what other helpful information we can store for you. Once you upload that spreadsheet, we will immediately start processing it and we'll send you an email when your directory is all set up.

Most of the time, you can get this list by exporting it from an existing HR system like payroll, which will hopefully make this a simple process.

You can update your employee directory in Team Engine with a new list. Any additional list will be used to update your directory by adding new employees, removing employees not present in the list, and updating any missing or changed information. This can be particularly useful in adding new information to a lot of employees, like start dates or birthdays. Note: Please include employee names, email addresses, and phone numbers to identify employees properly. Any employees not included will be marked as quit/fired as well.

2. Set up a Quickbooks integration

If you currently use Intuit Quickbooks to manage your employees and payroll, you can easily link your Team Engine account to your Quickbooks account for a seamless employee directory experience. You can click on any of the "Connect To Quickbooks" buttons to get started. It can always be found on the settings page by clicking the gear icon in the lower left corner of the side menu.

Once you grant Team Engine permission to integrate, the software will perform an initial import of all your employees and send you an email when it's complete. Then, if you add a new employee in Quickbooks or update any existing employees, those changes will immediately be reflected in Team Engine automatically.

3. Manually add employees

If you only need to add a few employees or just need to make an update to your directory, we also have the ability to quickly create a new employee record manually. If you visit the "Directory" tab and click the button that says "Add Employee" a form will pop up where you can enter their information. You can also click the "Add More Details" button in the bottom left corner to get an expanded list of fields. 

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