Automating Your Employee Engagement

Throughout an employee’s tenure, there are often many milestones. Whether it’s a 6-month formal check-in with their supervisor or the end of a probation period, these milestones are frequently the same across your employees, and the steps you have to take for each one can take up a lot of time. Team Engine helps you define these milestones once and then automatically takes care of communication at each step, making your process more consistent while taking a lot off of your plate.

Getting Started

In the sidebar menu, you'll see the Automations tab.

To get started, set up your employee directory. Note: Make sure to include start dates with your employees or you will not be able to take advantage of the automations.

Types of Actions

Team Engine provides 3 different types of actions you can automate for an employee milestone

Send Message

This type will send a message to the employee. You can choose either text or email. This type is useful for providing information (e.g. You have now earned an extra 3 days of PTO) or expressing appreciation (e.g. You have been here for 3 years now. Thanks for everything you do!).


A survey is a specialized type of message to the employee where you expect a response (e.g. a 30-day feedback survey). Using a survey instead of a message, in this case, is useful because all responses across all employees will be collected together on your surveys page. This way, you can draw connections between responses over time. For more information, see: Employee Surveys

Alert to another team member

At certain employee milestones, you may need an office team member or supervisor to take some kind of action. Rather than keeping track of this via calendar reminders and manual steps, Team Engine can send alert emails to the right people at the right time.

For example, maybe you have a 90 day probation period after which employees are eligible for benefits. If you have a benefits administrator who needs to put together a packet or meet with employees when they get to this milestone, you can add an alert and have Team Engine send that benefits administrator a reminder to do this when someone reaches 90 days.

You can also send an alert to the person’s supervisor. This is valuable for things like a 6-month performance check-in or to let the supervisor know that it’s a person’s work anniversary so they can express appreciation on the job site.

Setting up your employee milestones

Team Engine includes a set of example milestones to get you started. These include:

  1. A Welcome message that goes out in an employee’s first few days to let them know how to get in touch with you
  2.  An onboarding survey after 30 days to hear feedback about their initial experience
  3. A message and an alert related to benefits eligibility at the end of a 90 day probation period
  4. An annual work anniversary message

You can customize all of these messages if necessary. For example, maybe your probation period is 60 days instead of 90 or you want to give slightly different instructions.

Adding a new milestone

Editing an existing milestone

Frequently Asked Questions

If I add an employee that started in the past, which of the automations will they get?
Employees you add will only get the automations from the point you add them forward. For example, if you add an employee with a start date 35 days ago, they would not receive the 30-day feedback survey.

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