Employee Surveys

Team Engine surveys are a great way to get feedback and answers from your employees. 

Get Started

Visit the surveys page by clicking the "Surveys" tab in the sidebar menu. You'll see we've already created an onboarding and exit survey for you. To help with employee retention, it's useful to collect feedback and make adjustments to your process. If you've had any employees start or leave recently you can click the "Add Employee" button and select them. This will send them a text message with the survey question. 

The onboarding feedback survey is controlled within the "Automations" tab. The default setting is for this survey to send to an employee 30 days after their start date. Start dates are automatically added to employees who went through the application process in Team Engine. For other employees, you can add/edit start dates within their profile. 

Please note that the exit survey will not automatically send when you mark an employee as "Quit/Fired." If you'd like to send an Exit survey, select the specific employee(s) you'd like to send the survey to with the "Add Employees" button in the Exit Survey section of the Surveys tab.

Survey answers are compiled into a list so you can see them all in one place, no need to click into each individual employee's messages to see them. In addition to seeing who responded and who hasn't, you can see if any messages failed to send because maybe the employee's phone number is no longer correct. 

Custom Surveys

If you have a more specific question you want to ask, you can click the "Create Survey" button to make your own. From here, you can select all employees, a predefined group, or select specific individuals to send it to. You can also set when the survey will end (after that we stop accepting answers). 


By checking the "Receive email notifications for responses" box, you'll receive an email every time an employee texts in with an answer. So no need to sit at your computer to watch them, you can stay up to date on the go.


If you check the "Send an automated reminder one day before the survey ends" box, any employee who hasn't yet answered the survey will receive a second text message reminding them that you'd appreciate an answer. It's common for people to see the first message and forget to respond but by sending out the reminder automatically, we consistently see higher response rates.

Sort or export the results

While the responses are coming in and once the survey ends, it's possible to sort the results to make them the most useful. By clicking on a column header you can see answers by most recent, employee name alphabetically, etc. Additionally, by clicking the "Download Responses" you can save a copy of the results in spreadsheet form.

Anonymous Surveys are now available. Check out the documentation on them here - Anonymous Surveys

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