Employee Referrals

Whether or not you have an incentive program, your employees know the job well, want to be working with good people, and can be your best source for high-quality applicants. Team Engine makes asking for, gathering, and tracking referrals very simple and easy.

Asking for Referrals

If you haven’t already, the first step is to Set Up Your Employee Directory

To send a referral request to your employees, go to your Referrals tab from the dashboard.

From there, you can customize who will get the announcement as well and modify the message if you’d like. We encourage you to include a little bit of information about your specific referral incentive program if you have one.

What your employees see

Your employees will be able to click on their custom link and submit contact information for their referral. This site is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere.

What referrals see

If an employee submits a referral for a specific job, Team Engine will automatically reach out to the referral asking them to apply.

The referral can then quickly apply to your job from their phone or any device.

Tracking Your Referrals

As referrals come in, you will:

  • Get an email letting you know an employee submitted a referral
  • Get a notification email when the referral applies to the job
  • See a list of referrals and their status in the application process on your “Referrals” tab
  • See that someone is a referral in their applicant profile

Referrals in the Application

We now have a field for applicants to submit an employee referral name during the application process. We then try to match it to your directory. If it does not match, you can go in and manually match it to a candidate or delete the referral entirely.

You can also now manually add employee referrals from the Referral page.

Text-in Referral Link Request:

Employees can conveniently request their referral link via text message. Simply have them text the word "referral" from the phone number associated with their Team Engine Profile to your company's employee phone number.

Upon receiving the text message, our system will automatically respond with the employee's referral link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask for referrals for a specific job?

Many customers will call out a specific job or two in the message they send to employees, but the link to submit referrals will always include all active jobs.

Can employees share their referral links?

The employee referral link is intended for your employee to submit contact information themselves instead of sharing the link. This is to ensure that referrals are high quality and backed by your employee.

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