Sending Employee Messages in English and Spanish

Team Engine allows you to send messages in multiple languages, making it easier to communicate to your employees in their preferred language. The current language preference choices are English (default) or Spanish.

Specifying a Language Preference

To take advantage of Team Engine’s ability to send messages in multiple languages, make sure you set up your employees with their language preferences. If you have a large number of employees to update, you can upload a new employee list with a column for their language preference. You also can change individual employees’ preferences in their profiles.

Sending Messages and Announcements in Preferred Language

If you are sending a message (one-on-one or an announcement) that includes someone who prefers Spanish, an alert will prompt you to include a Spanish version of that message.

Setting up Automated Messages to Send in Multiple Languages

Team Engine can also send automated messages to an employee in their preferred language. When setting up your automated messages, you will see an alert asking you to enter a Spanish version of the message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Team Engine support languages other than English and Spanish?
No, at this time these are the only two supported languages.

Is this supported in the hiring process?
Team Engine will not automatically send different messages to applicants based on their language preference, but you can post jobs with Spanish descriptions and translate your automated messages into Spanish if you’d like to send those to everyone.

Does Team Engine do the actual translating from English to Spanish?
No, Team Engine’s goal is to help you get the right message to the right person. You or a member of your team will need to provide the translation. This also ensures that your message is completely accurate.

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