Supervisor Role

Supervisor roles can be added manually to each employee in the directory. For updating many employees at once, you can upload a new employee list with the employee-supervisor relationship. Here are more details on uploading employee lists: Set Up Your Employee Directory

For your company’s leadership and roles without supervisors (CEOs, Founders, Owners, etc.), select their supervisor as No Supervisor. This will prevent alerts about missing supervisors when it’s not necessary.

Automated Employee Alerts

After an employee is assigned a supervisor, the software can automatically alert the supervisor about employee milestones. These alerts are created in the Automations tab. The example below will send an alert to the employee’s supervisor about their employee’s benefits eligibility five days before it occurs.

Specific User Role

Supervisors can be set up as users in the software with their access limited to only direct reports. In turn, they will have the ability to send and receive messages with their employees but do not have access to the hiring section of the software.

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