Job Applicant Detail Export

How to Export Job Applicant Details

From "Jobs", click into the graph icon on the right side of any job title. Select which job to export, it can be a specific job, all hiring, or all jobs. Choose your start and end dates and click the "Export Data" button to download a .csv file to open in Excel or other data analysis software. 

You can now view job applicants by status and source for any job over any period of time using the graph button under any job:

This would direct you to the Job Performance page (formerly known as Data Analysis). From here, you may filter a specific job, all hiring, or all jobs to export. Then just select applicant status and source, adjust timeframe, and download a chart and data to share with others.

How to Best Use This Data

Here are a few potential ways to use an export of job applicant details:

  • View your end-to-end recruiting process for any job or set of jobs over any time period
  • Quickly calculate days-to-hire by job title, hiring manager, and location
  • View a consolidated list of applicants by status with contact information
  • Adjust recruitment strategy based on rejection reasons or applicant source
  • Set expectations for future hiring lead times and seasonality based on what’s happened in the past

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