How to Get More Applicants

There may be times when Team Engine's automatic Applicant Sourcing is not bringing you enough qualified applicants. Perhaps you have a hard-to-fill job or are looking for applicants in a more remote location.  Below are additional ways to source a greater amount of applicants. 

Get Employee Referrals

The first step we always recommend is to ask your current employees for referrals. Whether or not you have an incentive program, your employees know the job well, want to be working with good people, and can be your best source for high-quality applicants. Team Engine makes asking for, gathering, and tracking referrals very simple and easy.

For more information, see: Employee Referrals

Adding Team Engine Jobs to Your Website

Placing your Team Engine job ads on your company's website is a great choice. It allows you to direct potential candidates to your site for easy access to all your active jobs. The dynamic job table automatically displays all active jobs and stays up to date as you add, remove, or change information and it fits in with your site's style.

For more information, see: Adding Team Engine Jobs to Your Website

Post to Other Online Sources

There may be online sources that work well for your jobs that Team Engine doesn’t push to automatically. These may be major sites like Craigslist or LinkedIn or more local sources like technical schools or local job boards. Team Engine makes it easy to not only send these applicants through one common application and into the software but can also keep track of the source of these applicants, so you can prioritize the best ones.

For more information, see: Post to Other Online Sources

Advertise on Social Media

Team Engine provides a unique service for generating more views and applicants for your job. We can generate attractive, targeted ads that show up on Facebook feeds or Instagram, similar to advertising a product or service.

For more information, see: Advertise on Social Media

Sponsor on Indeed

There may be times when you need lots of people in a short period of time or have a particularly challenging job. In these cases, it may make sense to sponsor your job on Indeed to give it more visibility in search results on this very large and popular job board.

For more information, see: Connecting Team Engine to Your Company's Indeed Account

Post Signs and get Applicants Offline

Whether it’s a person walking into your office to apply, or a high-traffic area that attracts people who may be a good fit for your job (your building, a popular local lunch place), all of these applicants can flow into Team Engine. This can be a very good use of our “text-to-apply” feature where anyone can simply text the word “apply” to your main organization's phone number to get a link to all the open jobs.

For more information, see: Post Signs and Get Applicants from Offline

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