Best Practices for Communicating with Spanish Speakers

Application Language

For jobs that are posted in Spanish, you can make it so the job's application experience is in Spanish. This is done simply by editing (or creating) a job and selecting "Spanish" for the Application Language.

If you are interested in posting a currently listed job that is in English in Spanish, then the best practice is to copy the existing English Job and update the title, description, licenses, experiences, and automation to be in Spanish. You'll also need to edit the job to have the application language set to Spanish.

Sending announcements and messaging with Employees who prefer Spanish

In order to utilize Team Engine's automatic English and Spanish messaging, you first need to let us know which employees prefer English, and which ones prefer Spanish. You can do this in one of two ways:
  1. Uploading an Employee list that includes language preference 
  2. Specifying the language preference in an employee's profile

To set the preference in the profile, simply bring up the employee's profile by selecting their name on the directory, selecting "EDIT", and then selecting the correct Language Preference for this employee. Here's what you're looking for:

When you are messaging this employee one-on-one, on the messaging tab - If an employee's preferred language is "Spanish", you will get a notification when sending messages to them that they prefer a different language than English.

To send a message to an employee who prefers to communicate in another language in one on one messaging, you can click the translate button at the top of the text box and select the language you would like to translate to. Just type the message you would like to send in English and then click the button again and it will be translated to the preferred language using AI!

You can also translate their replies by clicking the translate button in the bottom right corner of the message.

This language preference is also used when sending announcements to groups. If the employees that receive the announcement have multiple language preferences, we let you know so underneath the message box. Clicking this message will add a separate text box underneath the existing message box, which will be labeled with "Spanish". The idea is to add your message, translated to Spanish, in this box - and then we'll automatically send the English version to employees who prefer English (and who have no preference), and use the Spanish version with the employees that prefer Spanish.

While automated tools like Google Translate are pretty good, we definitely recommend getting a Spanish speaker to translate the original message for you.

Hiring Automated Messages

When creating a Spanish job, all hiring automated messages will still be in English. You must go in and change each individual one inside the Hiring Process tab. Also, the Interest Confirmation automated message that can be personalized by Team Engine - only outputs English so you must pick the second static choice that can be written in Spanish.

Employee Automations for Spanish Speakers

When using automated messages, you are also alerted that some employees who are going to receive the automated message prefer Spanish. 

If you click the "Fix it" button, you will get an edit box where you can add a Spanish version of the message.  

Now, just like with the Announcements, you would click the "+" next to the notification and get a separate box to put a Spanish version of the message in that will go out to Spanish-speaking employees.

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