How to post a job in Spanish

Posting jobs in Spanish is a great way to ensure you are getting to the most applicants possible.

To post a job in Spanish, you would "Add a Job" like you usually would for creating an English job. 

From there, you would want to fill out the Job title in the Spanish translation of the position and change the "Application Language" to Spanish. 

Next, ensure that the Description of the job is in Spanish, this is what the Applicant will see when they click on the job to get more information. 

For the Summary and Tagline, you will also want those in Spanish. 

Next, the Experience that you want for applicants that apply will need to be in Spanish as well.

Then move to "Licenses". This is where you want to put the licenses that applicants should have in Spanish. 

The last step is adding any "Pre-Hire Steps". This can be a drug or background check or anything that the applicant must complete before being accepted. These should also be in Spanish. 

From there just click "Save" and the job will be posted in Spanish. 

For more tips on communicating with Spanish applicants and employees, check out our "Best practices for communicating with Spanish speakers" document.

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