Equal Employment Opportunity Export

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Export feature allows you to download a report that should only be used for compliance or assessment of hiring practices as a whole. If you ask Equal Opportunity questions in your job application(s), the report will include responses for:

  • Job location
  • Source (e.g. walk-in, manual entry, referral, etc.)
  • Current Status (e.g. archived, interviewing, rejected, etc.)
  • Was Auto-Screened (read more here: Automated Applicant Screening)
  • Sex/Gender
  • Protected Veteran
  • Disabled
  • Race/Ethnicity 

You are also able to view hiring process information such as:

  • Days to Hire
  • Applied Date
  • Rejected Date 
  • Rejected Reason
  • Interested Date
  • Phone Interview Date
  • In-Person Interview Date
  • Finalizing Hire Date
  • Awaiting Start Date
  • Start Date
  • Terminated Date

This page can be reached by going to the "Data Analysis" tab on the left navigation bar. You are able to filter these exports by job, status, source, date, and auto-screened status. All applicant identifying information (such as names and contact information) is excluded in order to maintain privacy, as well as reduce the chance of bias and/or discrimination.


In order to utilize this feature, one of two toggles must be turned on in your Organization Settings, which can be found in "Company Settings" on the left navigation bar.

This information is not to be used for applicant evaluation or hiring decisions. It should only be used for compliance or assessment of the hiring process as a whole.

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