Applicant Profiles

When an applicant applies or is manually added to your job an applicant profile will be created automatically. Their profile will contain personal information such as their contact information, name and birthday as well as important information about their qualifications. It will also give you a place to add notes, upload documents and even message with the applicant!

At the top of the profile is their contact information and information about their current status in the hiring process. Here you can edit that information or move them into another phase of the process. Below this section are a few tabs that can be helpful during the hiring process.


The "details" tab has helpful information for you to be able to quickly glance and get an idea of who the applicant is and if they will be a good fit. You can see their answer to the interest confirmation text to help you gauge their responsiveness and maybe answer a qualifying question or show you interview depending on what you have the text set up to say. Below that are helpful tags that the system will automatically add to highlight some basic pros and cons, such as experience level, responsiveness and their commute.

Below that is their job history, experience and a breakdown of their commute. Any licenses or certifications you have listed will appear here if they have them, as well as their expected pay and any availability information that they provide.


The notes section in the applicant profile is a helpful place for you to add notes during an interview, easily share thoughts between multiple hiring managers or even just organize your thoughts!

Below the text box there is a "add note template" button, you can use this to save a template for notes that you will often add to applicants profiles. For example, you could create a template with all of your interview questions and then record their answers during the interview! After you add the template it will appear with any other saved notes below the text box, and to use it you can just click "use" and it will automatically be added to the text box.


You can also upload any documents you may need, such as copies of certifications or licenses here in the profile. To do this you can click the documents tab and then click "add document" and select the file you would like to upload and it will appear here along with any other documents that have already been uploaded.

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