Sponsoring Team Engine Jobs on Indeed

Sponsoring your job on Indeed can be a helpful way to increase your applicant flow for certain jobs. Since Team Engine automatically pushes your active jobs to Indeed, you can sponsor those and have applicants go straight into Team Engine without doing a lot of extra work. If you have any questions, please contact support@teamengine.io

Connecting your Team Engine account to your Indeed account

In order to sponsor jobs on Indeed, you must first connect your Team Engine account to your Indeed account.

Making sure you’re not posting directly on Indeed

Jobs that come from an Indeed partner like Team Engine show up in a different place in your Indeed account than jobs you post directly on Indeed.

Start by visiting your main Indeed job dashboard: https://employers.indeed.com/j#jobs

Jobs on this page are NOT coming from Team Engine. They are posted directly on Indeed and will actually interfere with Team Engine. If you have any jobs in the Open status, please make sure to Pause or Close them.

Sponsoring jobs coming from Team Engine

Sponsoring a job coming from an Indeed partner like Team Engine is a bit different than if you post through Indeed directly, but should still be pretty simple. To do this, create a new campaign, which you can do by following this link and selecting the blue "Create Campaign" button: https://analytics.indeed.com/analytics/reporting/ads

Additionally, you can navigate to get to the correct page by hovering over the "Analytics" tab on the left navigation bar and selecting "Overview." 

On this page, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the box titled "Jobs and campaigns" and then select "Manage Campaigns." 

You'll then want to click the blue "Create Campaign" button on the right. 

Next, select your campaign objective. The recommended objective is "Balanced," which aims to deliver as many applications as possible. "Balanced" campaigns ensure traffic is being spread across all of the jobs within the campaign. 

Select the job you want to sponsor

Select the Job Source from the drop down menu at the top. There will be a source coming from Team Engine, which will be listed as your company name.

Then, click the checkbox next to the job(s) you'd like to sponsor and click continue. 

Set your budget and timing

  1. Enter the amount you’d like to spend and whether you’d like it to be ongoing each month or a one-time sponsorship. 
  2. If it’s a one-time sponsorship, select the end date below.

The next window, will let you know that your jobs will be automatically posted on Indeed and Glassdoor. You'll also have the option to post your jobs to "Trusted Media Network," which you can read more about here

The last step is naming your campaign and publishing! You can generally ignore the "Click tracking token" field. 

Viewing campaign performance

Once you have a campaign running, you can see the details of how it’s working and what you’re getting for your money on the Campaigns tab directly through Indeed.

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