Reviewing Applicants in a Timely Manner

Reviewing applicants for each job in a timely manner is an important task. Making a decision on an applicant not only moves the applicants through the hiring process but also helps keep your active jobs refreshed on job boards.

How to Review

As applicants come in, they appear in the "Need Review" tab for that specific job. After reviewing each new applicant, you will then determine if you are "Interested" and want to move them to the next step in the process, "Reject" them and not take them any further, or "Save" them for later review. See more information on reviewing applicants here: How to Review Applicants

Why this is important

"Refreshing" on a job board makes it clear that you are still hiring for a job. Job boards generally give preference in searches to refreshed, assuming that the employer will be more engaged than they will be for an older job. Team Engine will automatically refresh your job posts every 30 days as long as they are active. However, Team Engine will refresh jobs with no applicants to review as often as every 2 weeks. Essentially, the more actively you review your applicants, the more often your job will be refreshed on the job boards. 

Red Exclamation Mark Icon

The red exclamation mark simply lets you know that your jobs are eligible to be refreshed on Indeed, but because there are applicants that you need to review, we haven't. We only want to refresh jobs where your "Need's Review" bucket is 0 - that is that all of your current applications have been moved to 'Interested', 'Saved', or 'Rejected'. Importantly, it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the job, or the job posting - it just means that you need to review your applicants.

Because of this, each job will show the exclamation mark at different times, which is based on when we try to refresh them. The fastest we try to refresh them is every 30 days, so if an applicant hasn't been reviewed after 30 days since the last refresh, the job will show the red exclamation mark. It is not based on applicant volume, but on the speed with which you review applicants.

To remove the red exclamation mark, all you need to do is review your applicants as quickly as possible. If you are unsure if you'd like to mark an applicant as interested or rejected, you can utilize the "Save" function so you can go back to review the applicant at a later time and get them out of the Needs Review section. You can read more about saving applicants here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not ready to make a decision on someone?
We know that sometimes you need input from someone else, such as a hiring manager, in order to determine if you're interested in someone. We encourage you to click "Save" so you can review the applicant at a later time.
Why 2 weeks and 30 days?

Job boards have rules regarding re-posting the same job and "location blasting" - posting the same job in many similar locations. If they determine you are violating these terms, you can have all of your jobs pulled off of the job board, greatly harming your applicant flow. Team Engine stays within these guidelines, while still being as aggressive with re-posting your job as able.

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