Applicant Sourcing

Automatic Applicant Sources

When you turn a job on in Team Engine, it is automatically pushed out to multiple sources across the internet. Most applicants come from one of the following sources, which are by far the biggest job sites:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Google Jobs

Your jobs will automatically be synced to these sources every few hours and so they always reflect your latest updates.

Linking your Careers Website to Team Engine

A great careers page with an easy application can help bring in applicants who are already attracted by your brand and aware of your company. Team Engine provides multiple options for automatically linking your jobs in the software to your company website.

Using your own careers page (recommended)

If you already have a careers page on your website, you can easily put a list of your active jobs and a link to apply right into the site based on what is active in Team Engine.

  • To set this up, click on the "Company Settings" tab in the bottom left corner of your Team Engine screen. Then scroll to the bottom until you see a section titled "Connect Team Engine Jobs to Your Website."
  • Then, you'll just need to provide the HTML code snippet to your IT or website contact for inclusion on the correct page on your website
  • Once set up, it will look something like this:

Let Team Engine create your careers page

If you don’t have your own careers page, you can use the one Team Engine creates for you. To access this careers page, click the "View Careers Page" button within any job in Team Engine:

That page is branded with your logo and will update automatically based on what is active in Team Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does my job go out to job boards?

  • Job boards update with your changes in Team Engine within a few hours. In general, all sources will be updated within 6-12 hours.

Do updates to my job in Team Engine automatically update on job boards?

  • Yes. Any update in Team Engine will be pushed out to job boards on our standard schedule, which can take up to 12 hours. This includes turning a job off.

I’m not getting enough applicants. How do I get more?

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