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What is Team Engine?

Getting Started:

  • Sourcing applicants: The key to successful sourcing is casting the widest net possible, which is why Team Engine automatically posts your active jobs to major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Google Jobs. Read here to learn about how the automatic sourcing process works, or watch this brief video that goes over Team Engine's other sourcing tools.

  • Reviewing applicants: When a candidate first applies, the first step is rejecting, saving, or moving them into the hiring process. Making this decision in a timely manner can help to reduce the time from application to hire as well as applicant drop-off. Read here to learn more about moving your applicants through the hiring process.

  • Messaging applicants: Throughout the hiring process, it’s important to keep applicants engaged and up-to-date on their application status. Read here to learn how to use Team Engine’s hiring messaging functions to communicate with ease. 

  • Automated messaging with applicants: Back-and-forth communication throughout the hiring process can be repetitive, time-consuming, and oftentimes inefficient. Read here to learn how Team Engine's automated applicant messaging tools can help you stay in touch with applicants and gather important information, all while continuing to save you time.

  • Set up your employee directory: We want to make sure we're not just helping you hire, but also helping you to retain your team. To do so, Team Engine offers a variety of two way messaging tools that you can begin utilizing once there are employees present in your Directory. Read here to learn how to upload an employee list to fill your directory or explore integrating with your HRIS/payroll system so employee information changes are updated automatically.

  • Messaging employees: Communicating with your employees is essential to building a happy, productive team. Read here to learn about the various employee messaging tools that Team Engine offers so you can announce important information, celebrate important milestones, and everything in between. 

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